Unknown's World

By: Amanda Martin


The wind blew cold like winter's weather,

the sky is dark like the darkness that covers me,

My nightmare is like a book but it never ends.

I have found a strange place,

the place is filled with monsters

that the humans never seen or found,

The monsters never harmed me,

They treat me good like a dark princess,

 I found demons following me,

All the buildings are dark and has wierd names,

The town's name is wierd too.

the road has charriages instead of cars

Then I realized this is not earth,

this is the underworld.

Dream of The Underworld's Gate

By: Amanda Martin


The ravens fly up high in the purple sky,

More and more ravens has come to join,

They transformed themselves into black pointy line

and made a spiral above my head,

as the fog surounds me with my bed.

The spiral above my head has made a portal,

My mind went in the portal of darkness with my soul,

I have found a black iron gate.

with two gatekeepers guarded for their fate.

Oh... how fun this would be,

They have been waited for me,

But I never get through the gate,

Something wanted me to be away,

Is this astral projection or is this just a dark dream?

Kissed By Satan Lucifur

By: Amanda Martin


My instinct told me about a presence,

Although I can feel it running in my vains,

I realize that the gate has been open again,

something horrifying is coming to me,

A big black claw grabbed me,

right by the arm,

I seen his apearence,

which stains to my eyes,

he stares down on me,

with his bloodcurdling yellow eyes,

his smile is very terrifying,

that his sharp teeth is showing,

I asked him what he want,

he continue to smile,

his face get's closer to my face,

his mouth opens,

with his serpent tongue coming out

his lips touched mine,

when his tongue in my mouth swerve,

like a worm,

I have been kissed

by Satan Lucifer

Dream of the Dark Shadow

By: Amanda Martin


When I was ten,

I have the strangest dream,

I walk to the store

holding the unknown person's hand,

a dark shadow apear

staring at me with no face,

It was wearing a black cloak with a hood,

that followed me inside to the store,

I saw it still staring at me,

then everything went blury,

except the dark shadow,

I came face to face,

to this dark hooded black cloak shadow,

It didn't speek to me

it just stared,

I woke up wondering

whatever that thing is

It's there for me

The Grim Reaper I have seen

By: Amanda Martin


I was in my room

doing nothing but listen to musics

I saw someone in my room

but it dissapeer

Went out of my room without a trace

when I went to the store

the same person follow me

A tall skinny man

Wearing a black robe

that has a hood to cover his head and face

he watches me everywhere I go

his scythe glister from the light

but he looks like he never wish to harm me

he steps close behind me

with his arms around me

and his big white wings

folded around me too

I looked and seen his face

his skeleton eyes stick to me

he never spoke

he was quiet

his skeleton hand touches my face

like he wanted to feel my skin

his teeth is pressed against my cheak

I know that is a kiss

I smile to him

like i accept his kiss and him

thats the grim reaper I have seen.


By: Amanda Martin

 I'm in my bed,

that filled with rusty springs,

listen to my music,

that's filled with darkness,

It was dusk outside,

I think it was close to midnight,

another feeling has crawled,

up in my spine to my head,

I know something is with me again,

but  this time it's different,

I saw something,

but I never get a good look,

I saw a very big,

very long,

snake's body,

by my window,

I think I saw Medusa,

A week later

I saw her again,

on a roof of someone else's house,

she stared at something,

but I cant look at her eyes,

or I might turned into stone,

More Spirits

By: Amanda Martin


I'm in my father's truck

going for a ride at night

we went everywhere

I look outside

I see dark shadows everywhere

most of them looks human,

some has wings

some don't

Some called my name

some just stared at me

but all of them followed me

Including human ghost

and animal ghost

I got home with them

and now I'm waiting

for the grim reaper

to collect the souls

that I have collected.

My Strange Family

By: Amanda Martin


I hang out with Death himself,

and he never wants me dead

I hang out with Satan,

and he likes to get close to me

I hang out with my demons,

and they love to follow me,

I hang out with Medusa,

and she stays right behind me,

I hang out with bogeyman,

and he loves to take some bad kids.

I hang out with Shiva,

and he wants to destroy one's life.

I hang out with two witches,

their names are Hecate and Cerridwen.

I hang out with ghosts,

and they love to haunt.

I hang out with a vampire,

and he loves your blood

I hang out with a werewolf,

and he hunts for food.

I know I hang out with some strange friends,

but they treat my as like I'm their family,

and thats whats counts.

I see Boogieman

By: Amanda Martin


I was lying on my bed,

It was after midnight,

but I can't sleep,

A shadow came out of my closet,

and it lie next  to me,

I can't get up,

It wont let me escape,

it formed as a man,

he has claws,

one claw grab the back of my head,

and lift the top half of my body,

luckly he stopped and put me down,

otherwise I'll be gone,

but he left,

and he will come back for me again,

and this time,

I will bring Death to watch me.